About This Page

This page (not surprisingly) is about the wild flowering plants of Indiana. My personal definition of an Indiana wildflower is: anything that flowers, within the borders of Indiana, that wasn't planted by a Homo sapiens. While this does include many plants that have escaped from cultivation or are not native to the area, they are all plants that you can find in Indiana.

While I go to great pains to correctly identify these plants, it does happen that I mis-identify some of them occasionally. Many great botanists have mis-identified plants... not that I'm a great botanist, but it's good to keep that sort of thing in mind. If you find a plant that you think has incorrect information, please contact me. While I hope that this page will solve some of the problems of using several (usually conflicting) identification guides from different states or general regions, I'm using those guides to make my own identifications.

The references that I used for this page are:

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Orchids of Indiana, written by Michael A. Homoya and published by Indiana University Press, 1993

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All of the pictures on this page were taken by me - some with a Sony Mavica digital camera, but mostly with my beloved Minolta 7000 and macro lens.

All of the photos here belong to me - they may not be used for any purposes without permission. As this is an educational page, it'd be pretty rare for me to not give permission, but I do like to know where they're going. All commercial use of these photos is strictly prohibited. If you'd like to use some of the images, please email me and we'll go from there.